How to create a VPN with Vultr and OpenVPN

I’ve talked about how a VPN (virtual private network) hides your browsing habits from your ISP (internet service provider). It also secures your online connections from public WiFi hotspot attacks. lets you setup a VPN quickly using OpenVPN and it’s super cheap if you’re using it short-term. They have a one-click setup.

I see this as a great option if you’re travelling or working from questionable locations.

I found Vultr to be cheap because they charge by the hour rather than monthly. If you need a VPN for a couple of days, it’ll cost you less than $1.

Let’s begin.

Sign up on, deploy a new server, and pick a location. If you pick a location that’s far from you, the speed will be a bit slower when you use your VPN service.

Don’t use this VPN for torrenting
Don’t use this VPN for torrenting or other potentially less than legal activities.

Vultr most likely keeps log

Select the Application tab and select OpenVPN to be installed.

You can select the $5 plan which sports 1GB of memory. That’s more than enough.

Hit the deploy button. Remember, you’re charged by the hour.  If you only need a VPN for a day or so it’ll come out to be less than $1.

Deploy the server.

Accessing OpenVPN

Select the server.

Vultr has automatically setup OpenVPN on the server and now you need to login using the given credentials.

You’ll likely get an unsecure page warning.  Don’t worry about that. The actual VPN connection you’ll use will be secure.

Type in your credentials and log in.

Use the provided links to download OpenVPN for your operating system.  Install it.

Download the user profile. OpenVPN will use it to secure your VPN connection.

Right click on the OpenVPN connection and import the user profile you downloaded. Now connect to it.

The connection is active when the OpenVPN computer icon lights up with a green color.

Test Anonymity

Go ahead and test your anonymity.  You can use or to ensure your geo-location is not your real location.

You’re now browsing the internet securely and no one except the VPN server can see what you’re browsing.

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Nikita Kazakov
Nikita Kazakov

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