How to submit PDUs to PMI to renew your PMP

About a year before my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is set to expire, I start to work towards the requirements to renew it.

As of 2020, you need to earn and claim 60 PDUs to renew your PMP.

I wrote a post about making sense of PDUs and different ways you can earn them. One of my favorite ways is to listen to Project Management Podcasts while I’m driving to work. They are FREE.

How to submit your PDUs to PMI

Sign up at

You’ll see all the relevant information on the dashboard.

Select the option to report your PDUs. If you’ve read my previous post on how to earn PDUs and where to get them from, you probably have been keeping track of all PDUs you’ve earned in a spreadsheet.

Click on “Report PDUS”

You don’t have to provide a lot of detail in the description box when claiming PDUs. For example, when I submit a podcast that I’ve listened to, I provide the titles of each podcast episodes and the dates when I listed to them.

Claiming PDUs for listened podcast episodes.

You don’t have to submit PDUs individually. I tend to submit them in bulk as you see above with multiple podcast episodes. If you’re using the same podcast spreadsheet I’m using created by Cornelius Fichtner, then you’ll have an easy time determining which category each podcast episode fulfills.

Claim 60 PDUs and then you’ll be able to renew your PMP certificate on that same website.

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Nikita Kazakov
Nikita Kazakov

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