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Review: Pragmatic Studio Rails I Course

I finished Pragmatic Studio’s Rails I course and it gave me the skills to build a CRUD Rails app from scratch.  That speaks volumes about how great this course truly is The course features 26 video chapters that walk you through creating a Rails app to finishing a full featured

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Why skip testing if you’re new to software development

Doing Test Driven Development (TDD) and learning Ruby simultaneously is a problem for brand new developers. When you’re new to development, you don’t have the foresight to take on multiple subjects at once. You’ll context switch and end up frustrated with slow progress. Automated testing is vital to development but

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How to install RubyMine and setup a Ruby environment on Linux

You’re going to need a text editor to write Ruby.  Although there are many options I prefer using a dedicated Ruby IDE such as RubyMine because it comes with debugging and autocomplete. Both are critical when learning a programming language. I’m running Xubuntu. Xubuntu comes with a Firefox web-browser. Download

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ASDF VM Version Manager for Ruby Tutorial

Using a version manager is critical if you plan on running different projects from GitHub. A project might not be compatible with the version of Ruby you have installed. We need a way to switch between versions of Ruby without installing and uninstalling them every time. I’ll show you how

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How to Run Ruby on Windows 10 with VirtualBox

It’s hard enough to learn a new programming language by itself and it’s miserable when you run into avoidable system errors. I learned the hard way. Folks on Reddit faced similar issues. After installing ports of Ruby for windows and working through tutorials, I ran into system errors that don’t

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